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ISBN: 978-2-400-21023-4


voyage/premium/paysUne collection en phase avec les besoins d'aujourd'hui !Des milliers d'informations:- Les sites naturels, culturels et de loisirs- Un index des localités- Le plan des grandes agglomérationsÀ chaque pays sa carte Berlitz !Des détails sur les sites touristiques les plus prisés !

...venture holiday through Croatia's stunning islands ... Top 10 Surf Camps in Dalmatia ... . The stunning Dalmatian Coast in Croatia. The island of Hvar is a highlight on our Croatia Bike & Sail trips. Dalmatia is the southern coastal region of Croatia on the Adriatic Sea. Dalmatia is traditionally divided into three subregions, along the coast: Northern Dalmatia has lots of small islands and deep, connected inland. Explore the diversity of Croatian cuisine and discover its wonderful specialties. Enjoy Croatian cuisine at the many food festivals ... Beautiful Croatia - Blue Dalmatia - YouTube ... . Enjoy Croatian cuisine at the many food festivals and tastings held throughout the year. Follow the wine routes through the beautiful vineyards of Slavonia, Dalmatia and Central Croatia. Dalmatia, Serbo-Croatian Dalmacija, region of Croatia, comprising a central coastal strip and a fringe of islands along the Adriatic Sea. The first recorded inhabitants of Dalmatia were Illyrians (the name Dalmatia probably comes from the name of an Illyrian tribe, the... Croatia 8-Day Tours & Itineraries. Dalmatia Adventure: Dubrovnik, Korčula, Hvar, & Split - 8... From Dubrovnik's city walls and Hidden Gems of Dalmatia: Dubrovnik to Split - 8 Days. Journey along the southern Dalmatian coast from the "Pearl of the... villa with friendly Croatian hosts, sample local wines and olive oil, cycle through the rural countryside, cook traditional fare alongside a Croatian family, explore the Travel Deals. Home Adventure Tours Europe Croatia Local Living Croatia - Southern Dalmatia. Dubrovnik, Croatia. 1,700,000 €. Furnished villa with a garden, a swimming pool and a private marina, Vinisce, Croatia. 2,150,000 €. Total area 350 m²Land area: 550 m²4 bedrooms4 bathrooms. Find and compare Surf Camps in Dalmatia. We don't have availability for Surf Camps in Dalmatia, check our offerings for Surf Camps in Europe instead. Southern Dalmatia. Croatia Bike + Barge Tours. Single-use surcharge for cabin above deck: $ 1154 £ 635 $ 1,082 € 700 $ 1237 kr 7386 $ 808. Parallel to most of the Southern Dalmatia tour dates, there is also the Southern Dalmatia Electric Bike tour on one of the... DALMATIA ADVENTURES. Kralja Tvrtka 17, Pakostane, 23211, Croatia. Galeb Aventures Croatia. Obala Petra Kresimira 72,, Pakostane, CROATIA, Croatia. Outdoor, Recreation & Fitness, Travel Agency. The Dalmatia region spawns itself across a big portion of the Adriatic coastline of Croatia - since Rijeka all the way down to the Dubrovnik Here are some of the best things to do in the Dalmatian Coast! With only about 50km at its widest point, it's majorly a coastal region. Information on visiting Zadar in North Dalmatia, Croatia, including advice on where to stay, what to see and do, and how to get there. Zadar is the main city in North Dalmatia , with about 75,000 inhabitants. Most famous for its Old Town, set in a peninsula that is... #Dalmatia Chapter Croatia. Pročitajte sve članke o #Dalmatia Chapter Croatia. 392 kamera online. With 8,000 residents and 30,000 sheep that wander throughout quiet villages, visitors will find respite from the loud holiday crowd. While Dalmatia conjures up visions of seaside towns and sailing excursions, there's a large equestrian community accessible to locals......