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L'HISTOIRE: 17/09/2000
ISBN: 0-7356-0855-5


Push Windows 2000 to the limit - and maximize your PC's performance!Packed with inside information, this EXPERT COMPANION gives power users like you a bounty of tips, tricks, and workarounds to make your PC work like never before! Tailor Windows 2000 Professional to your specific needs-from modifying the boot process to setting up an intranet. Discover new ways to troubleshoot tough performance and security issues. Configure multiple machines to share hardware and online connections-and manage your resources more efficiently. No matter how and where you use your PC, this sophisticated guide shows you how to get under the hood and optimize every facet of the operating system!* Exploit the built-in management tools in Windows 2000, including Microsoft Management Console (MMC), the Services snap-in, Event Viewer, and the Indexing Service* Learn how to create a reliable network, use TCP/IP effectively, and resolve networking problems on your own* See how to set up a print server, Web servers, and user accounts* Get better performance on line by using a LAN, cable, or DSL to access your Internet accounts, and by managing incoming connections through tunnels and virtual private networks (VPNs)* Use the Windows Script Host to automate common tasks* Help secure system resources by using security certificates and NTFS, auditing user and group access, and encrypting e-mail messages* Ensure your system runs smoothly by monitoring system performance, employing power-management tactics and tools, and editing the registry* Tap into the power of Microsoft Internet Explorer and Microsoft NetMeeting

...tems work together effectively. This book provides you with an in-depth understanding of the technical issues involved in implementation as well as the project management issues that will arise ... CD windows 2000 - Microsoft Community ... . Here are a few of its many features: A Plant Encyclopedia that you can use for reference or as a part of the system. Over 1,000 plants are described with 43 cultivation requirements, including light levels, soil Ph, soil fertility, climate zones, frost dates, water needs, salt tolerance, common pests, disease tolerance and much more - all cross-indexed as part of the system. Windows 2000 is the last variant of Microsoft Windows to show the "Windows NT" (which stands for New Technology) tag, and Windows 2000 was the last variant ever where the work area and server ... Windows 2000 Professional Expert Companion (Eu-Expert ... ... . Windows 2000 is the last variant of Microsoft Windows to show the "Windows NT" (which stands for New Technology) tag, and Windows 2000 was the last variant ever where the work area and server working frameworks had a similar name. It was succeeded by the famous Windows XP operating system which was released to the public on October 2001 and the server versions of Windows 2000 were ... Windows 2000 Professionnel est un système d'exploitation fiable pour les ordinateurs de bureau et les portables destiné aux entreprises de toutes tailles. Basé sur la technologie NT, Windows 2000 Professionnel offre fiabilité et grande facilité de gestion. De plus, les capacités Web intégrées et la prise en charge d'un grand nombre d'ordinateurs portables et de périphériques ... Buy Windows 2000 Professional Expert Companion (Eu-Expert Companion) Pap/Cdr by Stinson, Craig (ISBN: 0790145085559) from Amazon's Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Windows 2000 Professional Service Pack 4 Update for VMWare Tools included. (for users who want to install in VMWare)File... Windows 2000 ISO Infrared Monitor support now useful for users in order to move files without wires. In this OS the Microsoft Developers included two new versions of the registry editor. The classic MDI-style editor help developers for manipulating Windows NT permissions exists as regedt32.exe and the Windows 98 registry editor exists as ...