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...tial oils in their tissues or seeds that prevent bacteria, molds, or other microbes from growing ... Medicinal Plants | ... . This quality confers antimicrobial properties . List of Medicinal Plants & Uses. By Chet Carrie . herbal spices studio isolated over white image by dinostock from Traditional medicine has called on a number of strange and mysterious plants over the years to cure everything from athlete's foot to cancer. And though modern technology has taken medicine to new scientific horizons, herbal and medicin ... Uses of medicinal plants by Haitian immigrants and their ... ... . And though modern technology has taken medicine to new scientific horizons, herbal and medicinal plants still form an ... To use our herbs list encyclopedia to look up a herb and learn more about how it can benefit you, just click on one of the category links. You may always return to the home page by clicking on the title "Herbs List" at the top of the page. On each page, one herb (with picture) is featured. We list the scientific and common names of the herb as well as it's history and traditional healing ... community to name their traditional medicinal plants in such a way that they are meaningful; this could also be viewed as an empowerment technique, especially in the economic sphere. Their medicinal plants names seem to be idiomatic and to express certain philosophies of the Basotho society. Creativity is observable in this kind of naming, and many names allude to the kind of remedy that is ... After an introduction to the Kikuyu people and their land and ethnobotany, and to scientific nomenclature, this book presents, in 4 parts (1) an index to Kikuyu names, each with botanical and common names, and a brief plant description (including uses), (2) lists of plants according to their uses (edible, medicinal - listing specific human and animal diseases, timber, fibre, soup (tonic),... 'On November 25 he saw heavy plant and machinery in use.' 'Under a Government scheme, companies that purchase equipment and plant machinery can build up credit on their tax bill according to how much they invest.' 'Theoretically, an employee can claim a capital allowance for machinery or plant used in his employment.' Traditional Plant Use in the HazeltonsAbout the plant life of the Hazelton region of NW BC and the variety of uses the plants have been put to. From Library and Archives Canada. From Library and Archives Canada. Indian medicinal plants or Ayurvedic medicinal Plants are the essence of traditional medicine like Ayurveda. Treatment using herbs developed different parts of world in different names. This web site of Encyclopedia provides good quality pictures of medicinal plants and its information,uses,dose,cultivation,research works,side effects,morphology,habitat etc. medicinal plants, plants used as natural medicines. This practice has existed since prehistoric times. There are three ways in which plants have been found useful in medicine. First, they may be used directly as teas or in other extracted forms for their natural chemical constituents. Second, they may be used as agents in the synthesis of drugs. Finally ... use of herbal medicine; however, there is still a significant lack of research data in this field. Therefore since 1999, WHO has published three vol-umes of the WHO monographs on selected medicinal plants: volume 1 includes 28 monographs; volume 2 contains an additional 30 monographs; and volume 3 provides 31 monographs. Including the 28 new ... Uses of Plants to Humans and Importance. Benefits of plants to humans Plants are in following ways as. 1. Food. Plants are the main source of food for humans. Unlike animals, plants manufacture their own food. They do so by the process known as photosynthesis using their green leaves in presence of sunlight. Plants Dictionary. accent plant: A plant placed in contrast to its surroundings to call special attention to it. acid: Refers to material (soil, potting mixture, water) with pH level below 7.0. Acidity is an indicator of the absence of lime or other alkaline material. active growth period: The period within a spam of 12 months (which is not necessarily a calendar year) when the plant continues ... Medicinal Native Plants of New Zealand Page - 5 Traditional Maori Healing In traditional times before the colonisation of New Zealand, Maori saw science and religion as the same entity and believed that illnesses were caused by supernatural sources. Maori had a good concept of anatomy, physiology and the use of plants for healing, however there was an undefined distinction between the mind and ... their definition: 1. of or belonging to them: 2. used to refer to one person in order to avoid saying "his or her…. Learn more. A dictionary of popular names of the plants which furnish the natural and acquired wants of man, in all matters of domestic and general economy. Their history, products, & uses by Smith, John, 1798-1888; Smith, John, 1798-1888. Dictionary of economic plants Get this from a library! African traditional medicine : a dictionary of plant use and applications with supplement : search system for diseases. [Hans Dieter Neuwinger]...