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L'HISTOIRE: 17/09/2000
ISBN: 0-7356-1021-5


The comprehensive developer's guideto the Microsoft Windows 2000 kernelMaster the inner workings of Microsoft's premier operating system with this newly updated guide to the Microsoft Windows 2000 core architecture and internals. Written in partnership with the product development team and with full access to the Windows 2000 source code, this book provides a detailed look beneath the surface of Windows 2000. It's packed with the latest concepts and terms, kernel and source code specifics, undocumented interfaces, component and tool descriptions, and architectural perspectives that reveal the inner workings of Windows 2000. In short, it delivers all the minute details that developers need to debug code and to make better design decisions. Administrators also will find this book invaluable for understanding system performance and troubleshooting problems.Taking you deep Inside Windows 2000, this book gives you:* Valuable details on topics such as multiprocessor support, thread scheduling, interrupt handling, memory management, security, 1/0 processing, file system drivers, and file caching.* New Information about subjects such as the boot and shutdown processes, blue screen crashes, registry internals, Microsoft Win32 service internals, Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI), Address Windowing Extensions (AWE), Plug and Play, power management, the Windows Driver Model (WDM), storage architecture, NTFS enhancements, and networking.* Hands-on experiments that demonstrate how to use the latest utilities to see the internal behavior of Windows 2000.* Abundant insights that you can quickly apply for better design, debugging, performance, and troubleshooting

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