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L'HISTOIRE: 05/07/2019
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Jason Woodrue, un brillant scientifique, vient de découvrir une créature au coeur d'un marais de Louisiane. Le monstre végétal éveille sa curiosité de chercheur ainsi que celle de son patron, lequel décide de se l'approprier. Mais la créature humanoïde est habitée par la mémoire d'un homme, et n'entend pas se laisser faire...

... swamp and took a humanoid form. Swamp Thing must help Arcane in order to save Jim's life ... Alan Moore Swamp Thing ... . Remembered today mostly for its terrible production values and hokey dialogue and plotlines, the show is yet another example of the work of comic book scribe Alan Moore getting mangled in another medium. Here is Alan Moore dressed up as the Swamp Thing for the Halloween #CostumeCrossover challenge. Reply to: Dark-Monitor. An Alan Moore kind of genius? Cause I don't know if I want to be xD. Related: alan moor ... Alan moore présente swamp thing (urban comics) ... . An Alan Moore kind of genius? Cause I don't know if I want to be xD. Related: alan moore swamp thing lot alan moore swamp thing hardcover alan moore swamp thing tpb swamp thing alan moore vol 1 saga of the swamp thing. Swamp Thing #50-1986 nm- 9.2 Giant-Size 1st full Justice League Dark Alan Moore. There's also one Alan Moore Swamp Thing story that wasn't in Swamp Thing, an issue of DC Comics Presents co-starring Superman. It's reprinted in a couple of DC's other Alan Moore collections: the deluxe hardcover of Superman: Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow? and a catch-all... "Swamp Thing" Learns Nothing from Alan Moore's "Anatomy Lesson" [OPINION]. If you watch Swamp Thing on DC Universe and read the original Alan Moore comics, you knew all along where all of this was heading. As much as I respect Alan Moore as a writer, he hates everything. @JonesDeini: The times have changed and when Moore did Swamp Thing people cared about environment. Now with peoples low attention span and a need to fulfill their me centered drives more then ever a Swamp Thing show I... Alan Moore made Abby and Swamp Thing's love a centerpiece of his run on the series, and in these issues, he deals with the repercussions of that verdant romance. Not everyone would be as accepting of their relationship as comics readers might be. With Steve Bissette entirely gone from the interiors, and... Alan Moore is an English writer. Moore's most significant Batman related work is Batman: The Killing Joke, pencilled by Brian Bolland. Prior to this he did a crossover with Swamp Thing in Gotham and wrote the Preston Payne story Mortal Clay, in Batman Annual #11. Lista completa di Swamp Thing di Alan Moore. Swamp Thing, pt 1 Planeta DeAgostini Marzo 2011....