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Dynamic Markets and Dynamic Enforcement- The impact of the digital revolution and globalisation on competition law enforcement in Europe - Damien Gerard pdf epub



L'HISTOIRE: 14/03/2018
ISBN: 978-2-8027-6055-9


This volume contains written accounts of a number of contributions to the 12th GCLC Annual Conference dedicated to "Dynamic Markets and Dynamic Enforcement : which competition policy for a world in flux ?", held in Brussels on 26-27 January 2017. Like the conference, this volume explores the existence of a connection between : (I) technological changes ("digitization"); (II) transformations in market dynamics and business strategies ; (III) challenges to and evolutions in the application of competition principles ; and (IV) innovations in enforcement strategies, with possible second-order effects of these novel enforcement strategies on the conduct of proceedings and decisional outcomes. Structured in two parts, this volume discusses successively the interactions between the expansion of dynamic markets and the application of substantive competition principles, on the one hand, and the design of enforcement practices, on the other hand. Hence, together with conceptual reflections on the state of EU competition law enforcement in the new digital ecosystem, the contributions included in this volume discuss topics such as the relationship between competition and innovation, the specificities of multi-sided markets, how big data may affect market power, the benefits and limitations of the settlement and commitment procedures, due process issues related to the involvement of third-parties in competition enforcement, as well as the role of judicial review in dynamic enforcement contexts.

...olution is virtually assured to address these unique markets ... D. Gerard, E. Morgan de Rivery, B. Meyring, Dynamic ... ... . This article reviews recent policy initiatives by authorities around the world assessing the unique features of these markets, the outlook for potential enforcement following announcement of several high-profile investigations, and ... The digital revolution has reinvigorated the discussion about the problem how to consider innovation in the application of competition law. This raises difficult questions about the relationship bet ... PDF The Digital Economy, Innovation and Competition ... . This raises difficult questions about the relationship between competition and innovation as well as what kind of assessment concepts competition authorities should use for investigating innovation effects, e.g., in merger cases. This paper, on one hand ... THE DIGITAL ECONOMY, INNOVATION AND COMPETITION . igitalisation has reshaped competition in traditional markets, and has led to the creation of many new markets. This can create challenges for competition policy. Digital markets often involve platform-based business models, multisided markets, network - effects, non-price competition and economies of scale, all of which render competition ... There is need to rethink the fundamental goals ofno competition law in light of the digital the "revolution". Vigorous competition policy enforcement is still a powerful tool to serve the interests of consumers and the economy as a whole. Over the last 60 years, EU competition rules have provided a solid basis for protecting competition in Dynamic markets, dynamic competition and dynamic enforcement - The impact of the digital revolution and globalisation on competition law enforcement in Europe. Damien Gerard (ed. lit.), Eric Morgan de Rivery (ed. lit.), Bernd Meyring (ed. lit.) Bruylant, 2018 Interdependence: Interdependence between nations can cause regional or global instabilities if local economic fluctuations end up impacting a large number of countries relying on them.; National Sovereignty: Some see the rise of nation-states, multinational or global firms, and other international organizations as a threat to sovereignty.Ultimately, this could cause some leaders to become ... Competition, Innovation, and Competition Law: Dissecting the Interplay, forthcoming in: Gerard, Damien (ed.), Dynamic Markets and Dynamic Enforcement - The impact of the digital revolution and globalisation on the enforcement of competition law in Europe, Bruylant 2018, pp. 33-62. MERGERS IN THE DIGITAL SPACE: IMPACT ON INNOVATION. Paul McGEOWN, Partner, Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati* Antonio CAPOBIANCO, Acting Head, Competition Division, OECD* Adina CLAICI, Director, Copenhagen Economics; Director, GCLC. Henri PIFFAUT, Vice President, French Competition Authority. Moderator: Ben VAN ROMPUY, Assistant Professor of Competition Law, Europa Institute, Leiden Law School ... The Digital Revolution and its Impact on Industry, Consumers, and Government. ... Digitalization is undeniably changing the nature of the job market, of corporate competition, and of corporate infrastructure. These trends are observable irrespective of industry. Now, digital adroitness and integration are prerequisites for success at the individual and industry levels. Consider that as of 2015 ... An argument is that digitalization, globalization and other contemporary society characterized developments have put traditional forms of organization, governance, law enforcement and justice under pressure. In 2014, Citibank warned of what they called Vox Populi risk, a new variation of political risk defined as shifting and more volatile public opinion that poses ongoing, fast-moving risks ... This matters in competition law enforcement because network effects can be both an efficiency that benefits consumers and a barrier to entry that may limit competition. Indeed, if platforms become more valuable to users as they grow, this h...