Membership in HSNA

As a performer, teacher, scholar, or lover of good music, you will certainly be aware of Joseph Haydn's wonderful music, his importance in the history of Classical music, and the need to continue studying, teaching, and performing his life and art. Please accept our invitation to become a member of the Haydn Society of North America.  Members currently receive complete access to HAYDN: Online Journal of the Haydn Society of North America and full use of the electronic newsletter, discounts on books about Haydn and 18th-century music, and reduced registration rates for conferences. Annual membership designations are Regular ($40/year), Student ($30/year), and Retired ($30/year), or you may choose to become a Lifetime member ($500).  Discounted membership ($30/year), including a subscription to the online journal, is available if you are already a member of the Society for Eighteenth Century Music, American Mozart Society, Beethoven Society of America, and Haydn Society of Great Britain. Contact Michael Ruhling for details. Universities, libraries, and other larger institutions are encouraged to register for a multi-user Institutional membership and subscription to the journal.  Membership registration and subscription to the journal are accessible here.

Financial Support

Because of the modest amount we receive in membership dues, we must rely on additional financial resources in order to sustain our current benefits, and to realize our plans for research and performance support, foreign travel, and future publications. Your financial gifts to the HSNA and HSNA Endowment Fund [both tax-exempt under 501(c)(3)] will help ensure that future generations will have the opportunity to study, perform and hear the music of Joseph Haydn.  Please consider making a tax-deductible gift.  If you are interested in making a substantial financial gift or helping to underwrite a specific project or initiative, contact HSNA president Michael E. Ruhling via email, or by telephone at 585-475-2014.